A Pint of the ‘Black Stuff’ Please

3 March

Thursday afternoon Aly arrived and we met up with Sidney in the city!! I finally stopped into a camera store and had them check out my camera… He couldn’t figure out anything wrong with it so duh. duh. duh. It’s problem is probably the logic board. ~sigh~  I took Sid and Aly up Grafton Street and we headed to Pyg to catch up over cocktails and nachos. So nice having some familiar faces in town.


Friday morning started off with an exam for my class Metabolism, Immunity & Infection. I can honestly say other tests have gone better but ya know I think it went alright. Mind you I had been preparing all week so I didn’t think I needed to cram on Thursday night but maybe that would have made a slight difference. Whatever though, we all need to live a little.


I went into the city center after that and got lunch with Sidney at Hippety’s Cafe. We then walked around stopping for gelato and saw the Dublin Castle and Chester Beatty’s Library. We were really just trying to kill time before meeting up with Aly, Margo, and Ben for the Guinness Store House tour! I finally did it after living here for a month and a half!


I had heard that the tour didn’t totally live up to expectations from a number of people – but they all pointed out the view from the Gravity Bar. Let me tell you, they weren’t wrong about the view especially since the sky cleared up just as we were arriving to the store house. We started at the Gravity Bar and worked our way down the museum instead of working our way up to the top. Start with the Guinness – that’s the way to do it. Then you get to read about the beer as you’re drinking it.


I got certified as having a perfect pour of Guinness – go me! Mom will you hang my certificate on the fridge??

I’m going to agree with everyone that I wasn’t that blown away by the presentation about the brewing process but the floor dedicated to how they advertise Guinness blew me away. I LOVED IT.


So the fish on the bike advertisement comes with the quote “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The first time I read this quote was in a bathroom stall – cute right? But hey Dad, that’s almost as good as “A woman can do anything a man can do backwards in heels.” Anyway it’s part of Guinness advertising – still not sure how it relates to beer but I’m a fan.

Here’s the original commercial about the fish on a bicycle:

For dinner I took everyone to the pub I went to on my first night in Dublin – Darkey Kelley. We had the same server, the food was as good as the first time, and again, there was traditional Irish music. It definitely checked off a few things on Sid and Aly’s list.

Now just another pint of the black stuff please.

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