No New Friends

4 March – 5 March

Saturday began with brunch! My friend Liam had been telling me non-stop about the eggs Benedict at a place called Wuff. Aly, Liam and I met Sid there in the morning. I ordered the eggs benny and although it was a little hard to admit, it lived up to all the hype Liam gave it. I keep surprising my self – I NEVER liked runny egg but here I am eating poached eggs again and LIKING it + bacon 🙂


After lunch we explored the city a bit more with Liam as our personal tour guide. It unfortunately decided to be extremely rainy on Saturday so we decided to pop into the National Museum of Ireland. By the time we got there though, walking all the way across the city, we were drenched. It felt like I had showered with a pair of jeans on and the rain had managed to seep through my rain coat. It was my first time inside the museum and it was extremely interesting. They have a whole exhibit dedicated to Bog Bodies which are these human remains that are mummified in a peat bog. Feel free to skip over this but I was super curious as to how peat bog preservation worked.

First of all, bog bodies retain their skin, internal organs, hair, fingernails but not their bones. The conditions of a peat bog include very acidic water, a low temperature and a lack of oxygen. These conditions severely tan the skin but the acidity dissolves the bone. Many of the bodies have injuries that are preserved in their full form. Click here to read more about weird things found in peat bogs.

After the museum, we headed toward the Dublin Castle and then to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. On our way the sun came out!


Every time I’ve tried to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral it’s been closed and this time I got to go in!! It’s grand and has beautiful stained glass like many Roman Catholic churches.

We continued through the city making a coffee pit stop and crossing the Ha’penny Bridge before heading into an adorable bookstore. I finally learned what the giant unlabeled pole on O’Connell Street is too – it’s the Spire of Dublin erected in 2003 for the millennium celebration.


We ended the night with a Gaelic football game. Gaelic football is, to the naked American eye, a combination of rugby, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. It’s a wildly entertaining sport and Dublin won!


On Sunday Aly left extremely early in the morning. I eventually went into the city to study for my exam and met up with Sid for a brief moment to say our farewells. In the afternoon I headed back to the library to cram for my Monday neuroscience exam.

It was super nice having familiar faces here for the weekend but for now it’s back to reality before midterm break starts next Friday…

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