Busy Bee

27 February – 2 March

Monday started strong with an early morning. I had my immigration appointment at 10 and decided to head into the city early for breakfast. I’ve been eyeing this place up for a while and decided to finally try it. It’s called Eathos and their slogan is food for thought. I would describe it as health conscious but some of my friends would say they serve ‘nuts and twigs.’  I mean when they say wholesome food that makes you happy they weren’t kidding. This breakfast was flawless. The passion fruit on the top reminds me of my sister and her love-affair with passion fruit at age 11.


I got to my immigration about 20 minutes early and I handed them my passport and conformation email and they handed me back a number. I waited only 15 minutes before I was seen and I passed over all my paperwork. I then got fingerprinted for the 3rd time in the past 6 months and went back to waiting. All I had to wait for was my GNIB card and to get my passport back and it took 40 minutes. It felt like FOREVER but I was told that these appointments typically take between 2 and 4 hours so I got lucky and was in and out of there in about an hour and a half. Lucky me!


I made it back in time for both of my classes and met up with friends at the Clubhouse for a pint in the evening.

Tuesday was a pretty low-key day. I had class, a workout, class and then I decided to head into the city to study for my exams. It’s too bad that there aren’t many cafes near campus. I always love finding new study locations even if it requires a 20 minute bus ride – I suppose that’s the only real downside to being outside of the city centre.

I’m a chai tea latte fanatic and it is so hard to find places that serve them! Clement & Pekoe is a cafe near Grafton Street and was bustling at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I got a delicious energy bite coated and coconut for a snack – reminder to make these when I get home via Minimalist Baker. She seriously has the best simple recipes.


Wednesday – It’s a new month! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Always wishing I was there to celebrate. It sounds like Wisconsin got a lot of snow and she had a busy day and week. I hope I age as well as the fine wine she is. Love from Dublin mum!


I went into lab and to class. I got to look at a new Aquaporin-3 antibody this week that we just got in. For all those non-research people out there – Aquaporin-3 is a protein that transports water across a cell membrane. I think that’s as basic as I can make it. Look you learned something new!

Thursday I got to see the result of this week’s experiment (the BEST part of research, if it’s something you wanted). Guess what! It worked and it ~looks~ as if it’s the right antibody. Major excitement over here.

I ran home after lab to get some studying done and clean my room since Aly will be sleeping here the next 3 nights. I realized I have only have one pillow and no extra blankets so maybe we’ll be making a quick pit stop at Penney’s for that… anything to improve Hotel Lucy.

I’m planning on taking Aly and Sid to dinner in the city and maybe for a drink or two. They I have to get back to do a little last-minute studying for my exam tomorrow.



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