Bubble Bliss

26 March

It’s our last day in Prague and the last day of spring break!


We found a pastry shop for breakfast finally! I got a little croissant and coffee and we walked into the Old Town Square. We spent the majority of the morning relaxing on a bench people watching. The bubble man was back again and we got some pretty incredible photos. He definitely knows how to do his job by waiting to blow any more bubbles until someone throws some money in his basket. Someone also throws in some coins too because of this weird fascination people have with bubbles. We threw in a couple of coins since it was our last day and he made us the center of attention – aka how we got amazing photos. Dream job.


After sharing a Trdelník or two we picked up our bags from the hostel and made our way to the airport. We skipped picking up lunch in the city assuming the airport would have something – we were VERY wrong. Serious disappointment.

Our roommate Maddie was at the airport with Anna and a few of their friends. They were all on our flight back to Dublin and somehow we were all seated in the same 3 rows.

We wanted to eat something at the Dublin airport when we got back since the only thing in stock at our apartment was rice. Everything was closed there as well so I settled for rice and soy sauce. Back to reality.

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