Obrigado means Thank You

12 March

We started Sunday the same way as Saturday – stretching in bed and then heading towards the Praça do Comércio stopping for breakfast on the way.


We walked towards the Sé which actually means cathedral. It’s a really well-known cathedral in Lisbon. It was created as a parish in 1150 and is the oldest church in Lisbon. It’s located near an interesting neighborhood called Alfama which has tons of little shops and cafes.


We continued up the hill towards the Castelo dé São Jorge. The castle fits the “scary potty” criteria as it’s pretty medieval. It is a Moorish castle and it sits on the top of a hill overlooking the city of Lisbon offering incredible views. We explored all over the castle walls and grounds and stumbled upon a demonstration of a battle. They used visitors as the soldiers and the demonstrators were dressed in full armor. It was extremely entertaining and they made everyone jump by actually firing to give the full effect.


After eating lunch at a terrace restaurant we wandered around the Alfama area and stumbled upon the Panteão Nacional. Originally a church it was converted into the National Pantheon where they now have important Portuguese people buried.


We took a tuk tuk in the afternoon to the Museau do Azulejo. The entire museum is of Portuguese tiles but they are applied to look as they would if on a wall or floor. All the tile are intricate and colorful and they add a whole layer to the architecture of the city. Toms of new ideas for that beach house I’ll own one day…


We sat outside a cafe and tried some red sangria. Neither of us were crazy fans of it, i expected it to be a lot less sweet and much fruitier – maybe it wasn’t the best sangria.

We walked back to the Praça do Comércio again and got some gelato. We stopped at our hotel for a quick nap and to freshen up before dinner. It’s easy to nap in the middle of the day when the restaurants open between 7 and 8 pm. We went to the neighborhood above our hotel, Barrio Alto, for dinner. We went to an italian style restaurant called Zero Zero. We shared a bottle of wine and split two wood-fired pizzas. I know, you’re probably like guys – where’s the seafood? You’re not in Italy.


After dinner we went back to Fabrica de Nata for more pastries. Tonight we really indulged and got 2 each because you’re only in Portugal for so long… probably going to repeat that every night we’re here.

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