I think I love you

1 May

I got a late start today… I can blame getting back to my airbnb at 4 in the morning. I met Mira and Lauren at their apartment around 11 and we went to Meccanismo Bistrot… again. But really if you ever go to Rome just go here for the iced coffee and croissants. We got actual lunch today though – a big juicy burger and a cold coke. My kryptonite this semester.


After lunch we walked to the Trevi Fountain and I’m happy to say that there were significantly less people then there were on Sunday. You’ll probably laugh when you see my picture of the crowd but seriously we could sit on the fountain’s edge today. We spend a good while at the fountain having a serious photoshoot. We had to endure the wind (uh you poor thing) and dodge self-sticks. I threw my coin in the fountain but my lips are sealed about my wish.

FUNFACT: an estimated 3,000 euros in coins is thrown into the fountain EVERY DAY which is collected 3 times a week. In 2016, an estimated 1.5 million USD was collected from the fountain. All of the money is given to Caritas, a Catholic non-profit, and they reinvest the proceeds into charitable initiatives.

we passed the Pantheon on the way


the small crowd


Next we walked to the Spanish Steps. We passed some gorgeous flower stands and people selling water-color paintings. When we made it to the Steps we went half-way up and people watched. All the flowers on the Steps were in bloom which made them even prettier.


We went to Piazza Navona to get chocolate-dipped gelato which turned out to be an absolute mess to eat even if it was tasty. The piazza was gorgeous with blooming vines on so many of the buildings.


We went past Largo di Torre Argentina (the cat sanctuary) again before stopping on the bridge to Trastevere for a photo-op. I think this was on of my favorite views in Rome. The Ponte Sisto is such a simplistic, pretty bridge with the stunning Basilica in the background.


We walked through Trastevere one last time before getting dinner at another favorite Grazia & Graziella. We got these fries with pepper and feta cheese (SO GOOD) and then ordered “tonnarello casereccio cacio e pepe” which I guess is Rome’s signature pasta dish. It tastes like a creamy parmesan sauce so obviously it was delicious. I forgot to take any pictures of dinner  – must have been too hungry.


When we left dinner it was down pouring and of course we were all without raincoats or umbrellas. We ran to the tram and got soaked on the way. I said ciao to Mira and Lauren on the tram right before their stop and then rode it one more to where I got off. Luckily by that time it had stopped raining and I chanced it and walked the 15 minutes back to my airbnb. When I got to the airbnb I opened the front door and pulled it out of the lock when it SNAPPED. I’m glad I made it inside and I got it squared away with my host. Luckily replacing that key only cost a few euros because apparently the key to her door would have cost upwards of 40 euros! Lucky me!

Tomorrow I have a long day of travel and then it’s time to study study study for finals.

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