Colossal Day

30 April

Today I got up and went back to Meccanismo Bistrot and then made my way to the tram stop with my breakfast. I took the tram right to the Colosseum! It is so incredible, standing firm since 75 AD.


I pre-bought tickets but had to exchange my voucher for an actual ticket so I stood in line for a good 30 minutes and then was told I could go into the Colosseum anytime after 2:30 – a good 4 hours from then. I went into the Roman Forum first instead finding the shortest possible security line I could.


I spent hours walking around the forum. You could easily get lost in those ruins for a day.



When I was done exploring I found a little place and got spaghetti carbonara and a coke to go. I took it to the grass in the Piazza Del Colosseo and indulged. I relaxed in the grass people watching and appreciating all of the insane architecture surrounding me.


When it hit 2:30 I went into the Colosseum. I regret not doing a guided tour or getting an audio guide because I probably would have learned a lot more about the history. They did do an okay job of posting informational signs though. Part of the Colosseum had a museum which was nearly empty! I guess all the tourists weren’t there for the museum area. Some of the signs about throwing naked women into the ring with wild beasts made me think back to my “sex in religion” class. I know right… what? But seriously I could think of numerous stories that talked about that. I guess I really learned something!


By 3:30 I was walking more into town and stumbling upon gorgeous buildings and ruins. I accidentally walked right to the Trevi Fountain which was SO CROWDED. Seriously having to push my way through the crowd. All around the ledges it was probably 6 people deep. I’ll save my real Trevi experience for tomorrow.


I found the Pantheon as well and admired the outside. I didn’t end up going in because of the long, long line. I walked past Largo di Torre Argentina which is a cat sanctuary and also the place of Julius Caesar’s death.


I found some gelato on my way back to my airbnb and then relaxed for an hour before meeting Lauren and Mira back at their apartment. We had some pizza from their favorite place and then got ready for a night out.

turns out this gorgeous building is a hospital


crazy polaroids are always a hit

We ended up at a few different bars and made it home around 4 in the morning. So much later than what I’m used to! I don’t see how anyone thrives doing that.

Only one day left in this beautiful city and then it’s back to Dublin!


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