Vatican City

29 April

view from my airbnb room

Today I started by meeting Lauren and Mira for breakfast at their favorite place Meccanismo Bistrot. They had amazing croissants and iced coffee all for less than 4 euro – my type of place. After picking up breakfast they headed to their campus library and I headed towards the home of the Pope.


I instantly got in line for St. Peter’s Basilica which ended up taking nearly an hour. I was told that the line was SHORT. I can’t even imagine what a long line looks like considering the short line wrapped across the entire square. When I finally made it through security I walked around the gorgeous church taking in all of the decoration. That place blew me away. By the time I was done I had to make it quickly to the Vatican Museums entrance for my tour time. I’m so so happy I booked that ahead of time since the line for that by noon was probably 2 hours long.


The tour lasted around 2 hours and we saw most of the museums in the Vatican, ending with the Sistine Chapel. It was nice having a tour guide since reading everything would have been impossible from the crowds.  Having all the information directed straight into my ear was much easier.


After finishing in the Vatican Museums I was starving so I found a pizza-by-the-slice place and ate it outside in a nearby square. I made my way to the Castel Sant’Angelo but didn’t end up going inside.


I walked across St. Angelo Bridge and then continued walking up the river towards the Borghese Gardens. My sweater must have fallen off of my bag during my walk and someone probably picked it up. Of course it was the only warm coverup I packed. Luckily it was a cheap sweater and this is just a reminder from mom somehow to NEVER buy a sweater in that color. Karma for not listening. The gardens are massive and with everything in bloom were incredible. There were people on little pedal carts going around the garden. I stopped and laid down in the grass enjoying the sunshine for a while.


I walked down Via del Corso which must be a big shopping street since it was shop after shop. I stopped into an H&M and walked out with a new sweater.


I joined Mira and Lauren again near Trastevere where we got dinner at a place called La Prosciutteria. We shared a bottle of the house red (of course) and then filled the table with a massive meat and cheese board and a fruit board. Seriously cheese board goals from here on out. We finished the night with gelato on the Ponte Sisto bridge.


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