The Wheels on the Bus

24 April – 23 April

This entire past week I spent studying for my exam on Friday and starting and finishing my symposium poster. Friday afternoon I went into the city with some friends. We went to EatYard for a late lunch and a Hollows and Fentiman’s ginger beer. Seriously trying to figure out how I can get this stuff in the US. ~ just looked it up… you can get it at Binny’s in IL… Can I get a case for my 21st?? ~ Margaret and I spent the rest of the day walking around finding a number of really cute coffee shops and restaurants we have somehow never seen before.


Saturday us girls bailed out of Dublin to see the Ring of Kerry on a Paddywagon tour. It was a LONG day of driving but overall a really good day. We started by passing through Adare, apparently Ireland’s prettiest town. We then went into Killarney National Park and saw the Turk Waterfall and Muckross House. Everywhere over there was like a fairytale land. Getting back on the bus became a little chaotic when the heating apparently was going haywire and the door was given a mind of its own.

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After spending some time walking around and finally getting back on the bus we had about an hour to spend in Killarney Town. Margaret and I split off and went to get a quick lunch. The lunch ended up not being as quick as we would have liked leaving us 10 minutes to get postcards, ice cream and see the town. We practically jogged through the city where Margaret stopped to grab us post cards and I ran ahead to get us ice cream. On our run back to the bus we managed to devour our ice cream and I snapped ONE photo that turned out surprisingly well considering my rush.


Next we drove through part of the Ring of Kerry onto the Dingle Peninsula!! We stopped at Inch Beach where it might have well been a hot summer day. Family’s were out with beach chairs and kids were in the water surfing.


We drove up through the Dingle Peninsula and stopped for a photo-op around near Derryquay and then started our long journey back to Dublin. The trip ended up being around 12 hours with I think 8 of it spent in a bus… Not necessarily the best way to see a place but at least we got to enjoy all of the Irish countryside even if it was through a bus window.


Sunday Margaret and I went into the city and checked out a new coffee shop called Network. We sat and enjoyed lattes while playing cards. I really need to learn more card games.

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We also went back to the Science Gallery where a number of the robots were broken. Super ironic considering the entire exhibit is about how someday we won’t need humans because robots will be able to do everything… one job we’ll still need is robot repair!

It’s our last week of classes coming up… The other day I was studying near two first-years and overheard them say “If every semester goes by this fast, college doesn’t last very long.” True girls. True.

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