Round 2

16 April

We lost Joe and he flew back to Copenhagen.

Today we started again with a pancake breakfast at the same place… why not right? It was yummy and easy to get to and when you’re organizing a breakfast for 6 people on Easter things can get a little tricky.


After filling up on pancakes we headed towards the Museumplein before getting in line for the Van Gogh Museum which lasted nearly 2 HOURS. IN THE RAIN. I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that we were stupid for not booking tickets in advance. We somehow managed to pass the time with riddle games. I’d like to thank Mother Nature formally here for only letting it rain on Sunday since the original forecast predicted rain all weekend. Thank you for the sunny days, you’re the real MVP.

The museum was incredible. It told the story of Van Gogh’s life and showed the progression of his work in tandem.



In the Museumplein there was a big Easter market with food and craft stalls. We walked through and ended up getting some Belgian waffles. Ben ditched to get a sausage quickly before getting on the tram so we waited at the edge of the market. We were sitting there wondering what was taking him so long when we saw his blue coat sprinting across the park, sausage in hand.


We all picked up our bags at the hostel and Phillip left us at the train station to head to Belgium. The 5 of us then took the train to the airport where Andrew left to head back to Greece. The final 4 of us all were heading back to Dublin together.

The plane was so empty for a Sunday night! We had a whole row to the four of us taking up the window and aisle seats and leaving the middle seats open!! We also got the perfect rainbow sunset on the way home fading from the deepest red all the way through ROYGBIV then into the black night sky.

We’re home and tomorrow is a catch up day since I have a poster due and exam on Friday. It always ends too fast.


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