a Last and a First

23 March

This morning we went back to the little shop outside our hotel for breakfast and then walked through the adjacent neighborhood to the Basilica of St. Stephen. The church was just as spectacular as the last, inside and out.


We continued our walk and saw the Opera House as well. We had time to kill (as usual) and stopped into a store called OBag. They have really cool rubber purses and colorful and versatile watches. I’m desperate for one of their little bags now.


We picked up our bags from the hotel and bought a few pastries for the road. We took a bus to the train station and ended up getting McDonald’s and eating it picnic style outside the station in the sun. I had this awful incident with a SPIDER crawling into my massive purse. I freaked and emptied the entire contents of my bag before I finally found the creepy-crawly. I have this weird thing with killing spiders since they eat all the other bugs I hate… the leggy thing was set free – ah I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.


We got on the train and pulled out of the station right on the dot. Train travel is so timely! …Unless we count that time my family took a train from Chicago to New York and it was delayed 24 hours and we only made it to Pennsylvania.

It was a 7 hour ride although it was made slightly better by being in first class (seriously only a 2 euro upgrade). We got views of the Hungarian countryside and passed through Bratislava before finally arriving in Prague around 8.

We took the metro across the city to our hostel to drop our bags off before setting off to find dinner. Prague ended up being like small-town Ireland since everywhere we went into stopped serving dinner at 9. We had to resort to McDonald’s for the second time. I honestly don’t remember the last time I ate McDonald’s let alone twice in one day… I hung my head in shame while also not even caring because my stomach was so empty. We ended the night with gelato and then returned to our very, very loud hostel.

Can’t wait to see pretty pretty Prague!


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