Late Arrival

20 March

We left for week 2 of midterm break today! I spent another morning of blog posts, paper writing, and packing.

We took the bus to the airport around 4 and then hung out in terminal 1 (terminal 2 is better) before our flight left at 7:40. Shout out to RyanAir for being ‘cheap’ and making traveling way more of a hassle. You have to arrive early to have your boarding pass stamped, if you forget to print it they charge you 4 0 euros to print one (didn’t make that mistake and don’t plan on it) and when we got to our gate around 7 they were in the middle of boarding another flight. I would like to point out it said our gate would close at 7:10 and we didn’t start boarding until our take-off time. Cheers!!

We didn’t get into Budapest until around 11 at night so therefore we really didn’t want to figure out if the public transportation was running or how to even take it to our hotel. We just took a cab (ugh) but sometimes you have to settle for connivence over stress at the end of a long day. I’m slowly gaining a longer and longer list of travel/study abroad tips… you learn from experience right?

Driving through Budapest from the airport to the inner city was bizarre. It felt like I was just in a big city in the US. We were driving on a massive 6-lane highway for a while with stores next to the road like McDonald’s and Staples until all of a sudden we were weaving through little streets close to the river. The part of the city outside of the center definitely feels like a capital.

Our hotel was right in the inner city neighborhood on the Pest side, pronounced Pesh. The room was gorgeous with another double door terrace thing going on. If you’re heading to Budapest check out Maverick Hostels. They were great!

First full day in Budapest tomorrow!

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