Happy St. Patricks Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is Madison Game Day disguised in green and the parade is the football game.

Naturally, your breakfast is a beer and a grilled cheese at 8 am. You dress in all the green/orange/white apparel you own even putting on that lame Heineken scarf you got for free. If you were smart, you probably bought a cute hat like Mindy or the head to toe clover suit if you were really dressing to impress. Then you head to pre-drinks at a friend’s apartment where everyone paints their face with an Irish flag and a clover.

Then you head to the main event. When you make it to the city the parade hasn’t even started and will take at least 30 minutes to reach your spot so obviously you go to the nearest pub and order a green beer (for the ‘experience’, not the taste).


The parade finally arrives so you go back to the street and because there’s a million people you get your strongest, tallest friend to lift you up so MAYBE you can see the procession. How do you think I got that picture? Eventually you find a projector screen where you can kind of see the parade but then it starts raining because it IS Ireland.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

At this point you think of the most game-day-esque think you could do so you get a burrito. 10/10 – maybe crashes the beer buzz you’ve been holding steady the whole day.

You eventually get to Temple Bar and it’s insanely crowded as expected and you ~should~ push your way into a crowded pub for an overpriced pint of Guinness.

Eventually you realize that you should just go to your favorite pub so you walk all the way to the Hairy Lemon on the other side of Dame St. and spend the rest of the day there drinking pints with all your friends.

No more beer for a while now please.


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