Brunch is always a good idea

24 February – 26 February

Friday night I went into the city with a few friends for a pub. We went back to the Hairy Lemon. This pub is always boisterous, filled with interesting trinkets and serves a lot of local beers. We were actually lucky enough to find a table and the 5 of us chatted throughout the night. The Ireland vs. France 6 Nations Game was in Dublin this weekend so the city was crawling with French people. At the pub we were asked to predict the score for Saturday’s game. We all knew Ireland would win but I don’t think any of us got the score right.



Saturday we started the day with brunch at Brother Hubbard. After a delayed start we finally got there around 11 and there was a 30 minute wait. The sky looked fairly clear and other from being a bit windy it was quite warm so we sat and ate outside. I treated myself to a mimosa and a latte because how else do you do brunch? I ordered the avocado toast with poached egg and smoked salmon – raise your hand if I shocked you.


If you don’t know my history of eating – I used to be a VERY picky eater. My sister and I wouldn’t touch anything with color – white food only. We rarely tried new things but now I find it fun to venture out of my food comfort zone usually finding that what I’m eating is good! If you are or know a picky eater – don’t lose hope.


After brunch we wandered over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral because we still haven’t seen the inside. Just our luck too because it was closed Saturday from 9 until 2:30. We were postponed yet again. Another thing on our list was the Book of Kells – a lavishly decorated book which contains the four Gospels of the New Testament written on vellum. The guide on our walking tour said the Book of Kells was Dublin’s equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Already knowing this was a huge exaggeration we went anyway because it’s apparently something you have to do in Dublin. After paying the 10 euro admission fee and wandering through the exhibit I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s not totally necessary to see… They only have two of the four volumes on display and you can walk through the Long Room Library which I’ll admit was the coolest part. Although it was interesting because of the history I’m just gonna say I expected to see more for the admission fee we paid. So, if you only have one weekend in Dublin I would fill time with other things.


We killed time before the 6 Nations Game by browsing through some shops on Grafton Street and then headed to the River Bar to claim a seat and meet up with some friends we met in Galway. The River Bar is definitely a sports bar but didn’t necessarily give us the Irish pub atmosphere. We did have a screen of the game the whole time though and good company. IRELAND WON!! 19-9 Can’t believe I’m an rugby fan now or how excited I am to be in Dublin for the Ireland vs England game…

On Sunday Margaret and I went back into the city to find a cafe to study in. We spent the morning exercising our brains and then finally tried one of the many burrito places. We went into a Pablo Picante which has this whole Nacho Libre theme going on but the food was GOOD. If you’re looking for a delicious cheap burrito, this is your place.

All the highlights of this weekend include food – something I didn’t think Dublin would be great at – I was wrong.

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