Steady Studying

20 February – 24 February

After a very blissful weekend getting back to the reality of school was hard. Especially when I realized how quickly things picked up with exams. Classes this semester have been very low key. I get no outside of class work, only have recommended textbooks and no assigned readings – all I have to do is attend lecture. Very different from the workload I have in Madison. But the next two weeks mean study study study. See it really is a study abroad.

Everyday has been pretty relaxed even with studying and trying to finalize spring break plans. I have to go to an immigration appointment next week too so that i’m allowed to stay in Ireland longer than 3 months.

My roommates from Madison, Aly and Sidney are flying in on March 4th for the weekend and I’m really excited to pretend I’m a local and show them the sights. After that it’s just 5 days until Margaret and I take off for Portugal. I can’t wait!






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